Preparing for Puppy

Puppy Proofing 

Make sure to keep electrical cords, shoes, and small items where puppy can’t get them. Check under and behind furniture for anything hiding the puppy might find. Especially be aware of Christmas decorations and lights. If puppy chews up shoes or kids toys, it is not the puppies fault, then need to be picked up or blocked off from puppies access.

First day home with puppy

The car ride home

If this is the puppy’s first trip in a car, the strange sights, sounds, and smells can be frightening. Take some time to let your new puppy get his bearings before you head for home.

Cover your lap and upholstery with a towel or blanket. Even after we’ve taken every precaution, puppies can get carsick so be prepared. 

The safest place for your pup is in her crate in the car. This area is relaxing and the vibrations from the road may soothe her. 

Keep the car ride quiet and relaxed. If your puppy whines or cries, DO NOT punish her OR be overly affectionate. The latter will only reinforce the negative behaviour. Pet her softly and let the situation diffuse itself. 

For longer trips, stop for bathroom breaks and stretching. Remember to keep your puppy away from areas frequented by other dogs. Until she’s been vaccinated, your puppy is susceptible to numerous diseases

What to do before bedtime

Take up any food or water after six or seven o’clock to make sure your puppy is running on empty when it’s time to sleep. Otherwise, you’ll be making trips to the bathroom all night, or worse, your puppy will eliminate in the house.

Shortly before you go to bed, spend some time playing with your puppy. You want him to be tired enough to sleep soundly. Definitely don’t let him nap within an hour or two of bedtime or else your puppy will be ready to play when you’re ready to sleep.

Just before bed, take your puppy outside to his soiling area and wait for him to go. When he does praise him and bring him back inside. This reinforces good behaviour and begins the house training process.

Where puppy should sleep

If possible, you should let your puppy sleep in your bedroom to reduce the chances of whining or crying at night. Also, the constant contact throughout the night will help your puppy adjust to you and establish you as pack leader.

Puppies First week home

Puppy’s first week home will get progressively better. Within a few days, you’ll notice her watching you and even getting excited to see you! You may even be surprised by her different reactions.Rest assured that as her personality emerges it’s a positive sign that she is feeling safe and welcomed with her new family! Make sure to establish her new routine immediately and stick to it. During the first week home, learning this routine and her name should be most important! 

During the first week she should learn: 

    •    Where she eats 

    •    Where she sleeps 

    •    Where she goes to the bathroom 

    •    Where she plays 

Make sure to use specific words for each routine to make your puppy’s 1st week home a success! This will let her begin to recognise your voice and connect specific words to those actions. Remember to ALWAYS praise her when she shows good behaviour.