Our Approach

We are passionate and adore Havanese.  Our dogs bring much joy to our family. All of our dogs live inside and are socialised with many dogs and people.

We do not have kennels, our dogs live as part of our families in our home  in Southern Tasmania and our puppies are raised in the dinning room, growing up as part of the family, being surrounded by many other dogs and visitors.


Our Story

In 2010 we were introduced to Havanese through Barad Kennels, and instantly fell in love with this breed and purchased in partnership with Barad Kennels our first dog Carnwath Sah Jahan from Victoria. After a few months of showing Carnwath Shah

Buying from Ellingly

Our goal is to match a puppy’s personality with a person’s lifestyle.

Puppies bred by Ellingly Havanese will come with a Puppy Information Pack including; Puppy Information Card, Vet Vaccination Card, Pedigree Certificate plus ongoing support. 

As a Reputable breeders we will show the pedigree and registration papers and pictures of the parent dogs. We welcome you to come meet our puppies after they have received their first vaccination.

Our breeding dogs are in good health and have all passed their health tests and are only feed high quality dog food.

We do not have a year round supply of puppies as we do selectively breed our dogs.  Ellingly Kennel adhere to the accepted standards for Havanese in terms of uniformity in the breed, good health, temperament, size and colour.

We will not sell or otherwise transfer from our care any puppy under ten weeks of age. This is to give the puppies enough time to grow, socialise and prepare for their new home. Deposits accepted on puppies older than Three weeks.

Puppies sold by us come:

  • Registered
  • Microchipped
  • WormedVaccinated (1st shots)
  • exposed to all general household noise and inconsistencies of family life
  • have begun basic toilet training

Our Ethics 

Ellingly Kennels are members of the Tasmanian Cannie Association (TCA) and follow their code of Ethics.  Our ethics outlined here meets or is beyond the requirements of the TCA Code of Ethics. 

As a member of the TCA we shall constantly strive to improve our knowledge of the Havanese breed, and our knowledge of the requirements for the care, welfare and betterment of dogs

We breed primarily for the purpose of improving the quality, health, welfare, soundness or working ability of the breed in accordance with the breed standard, and not specifically for the pet or commercial market.

We will not sell or otherwise transfer from our care any puppy under ten weeks of age.

Should any of our puppies/dogs require re-housing due to a change in circumstances, we expect to be made aware of this and will assist in rehousing them into suitable new homes.

Dogs Tasmania members: 7100004891

Please contact Dogs TAS on: admin@tasdogs.com to verify my membership.

We try to give the puppies the best possible start before they go to their new families.  All puppies are born and raised in our loving house. 

Every breeding will be done from the standpoint of bettering the breed.  At Ellingly Kennels we intend to maintain and improve the standard of the Havanese breed and the health, welfare and soundness of our dogs having regard to the following:


  • By striving to eliminate hereditary diseases within our dogs and the Havanese breed.
  • That the health, physical welfare and fitness for function of dogs is of prime importance, and
  • We shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that dogs bred by us do not suffer from any disorder that impedes their sight, breathing or ability  to move freely or which is otherwise detrimental to their comfort and wellbeing.

A bitch will not be bred from unless it is in good health and has reached adequate maturity and, in any case, no matings shall be permitted before the age of 18 months.  We will not breed any bitch kept by us causing it to whelp more than twice in any 18 month period.


Ellingly puppies

Care of our dogs

Our Havanese are provided clean living quarters, better than adequate veterinary care, proper nutrition, watered, exercised and grooming.  We do NOT house our dogs outside of our homes in kennels, dog houses or anything else. 


We started showing Havanese in 2010 conducting ourselves in a sportsmanlike manner both in and out of the show ring.  We do not engage in false statements regarding judges, other exhibitors or their dogs.